Intra Squad Tournament 2015

Beginning in the summer of 2014 the Old Orchard Swim Club began hosting organized Water Polo sessions in an effort to expand the scope of water activities for the club’s young swimmers.

Fortunately the participation at each session has steadily grown.  In 2015 over 30 young club members participated in the summer Water Polo sessions.  Several volunteers including Jeff Morrow, Kevin Comber and Kayla Gagnon also helped with the supervision & coaching of these sessions.

As the number of Water Polo sessions increased in 2015, so did the positive support for the program among club members.   This reached a new highpoint on Saturday September 5th when the club hosted a four-team Water Polo Club Tournament for the first time in its 49-year history!

Water Polo is an exciting and active team sport in which two teams compete in the pool in an effort to score the most points by throwing the ball into the opponent’s goal.  The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.  The sport has many similarities to soccer and basketball but it is played in the water rather than on a grass field or a hard court.  Because the players are not permitted to touch the pool bottom during the games, they really enhance their conditioning which in turn can complement their competitive swimming.

All of the young players improved over the summer and exhibited strong swimming, passing, treading, dribbling, blocking and shooting skills throughout the tournament. It was also terrific to observe everyone on deck cheering the teams on.

After the trophies and medals were awarded at the end of the competition, longtime club member and co-founder of the swim team, Bob Rueppel, perfectly summed up the event with a positive declaration that “all of the tournament participants are winners”.   I agree. The club tournament was a lot of fun andlived up to the motto of the Old Orchard Water Polo Team, “Keeping Summer Cool”.

Thanks again for supporting the program over the past two summers.

Dan Thompson

Old Orchard Water Polo Coordinator

View fun photos from the tournament below.