The dive team is continuing its fantastic record this season.

Danielle Kerr qualified for the tri-county championship match in the 9 and under age group.

In the 10-11 year old group, we had two qualifiers.  Christian Alcamo and Genevieve Allen both dove

extremely well, and are looking forward to their next challenges.


Additionally, JT Hinds qualified at the Junior Olympic level for the second consecutive year.  Not only

did he qualify, but he placed first!  Super job JT!


Your next opportunity to see your diving Otters compete at the one-meter level will be at our own pool,

where we hope to have a large home-field advantage crowd.  You really Otter be there!  The meet will

be 2 weeks from today, on Sunday, July 21st beginning at 8:00AM.


Look for more updates soon!

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