Dive Team 2015 Update

The Dive Team is off to an amazing start!  We’ve had 8 divers qualify in the first two meets of the 2015 season.
Here are the results of the two meets:

Fox Hollow – June 28 2015

Boys 9 and under
Trevor DeSumma, who is a first-time diver. came in 4th place out of 14 competitors!
Girls  10-11
Emma Behm exuded poise and confidence as she came in a solid 8th place out of 19 competitors!
Danielle Kerr dove to a 5th place finish!
Boys 12-13
Christian Alcamo nailed all of his dives and placed 4th!
JT Hinds smoked the competition, coming in 1st place, and beating the second place diver by an astonishing 17.55 points!
Girls 12-13
Genna Allen came in 3rd place out of 13 competitors, and was less than 5 points out of the first place position!
Boys 14-15
Garrett Kerr gave a solid performance, and came in 2nd place; one of only 2 divers to qualify in this group!
Covered Bridge – July 12 2015
Boys 12-13
Chris Benson qualified at the novice level!
JT Hinds qualified at the Junior Olympic level!
Girls 12-13
Genna Allen placed first, and qualified at the Junior Olympic level!
Boys 14-15
Garrett Kerr qualified at the Junior Olympic level!
It is great to see how far all of the divers have come.   The scores dives are better and the scores are higher than last year!  This has already been an exciting season!

And there’s more to come!

Old Orchard is hosting the Last Chance Qualifier on Sunday, July 19th!

Come out and cheer on your otters!  Oh ah OTTERS!

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