Cherry Hill Swimmers Compete For Top Spot.

By Bob Tulini, Special to The Inquirer

ORIGINALLY POSTED: August 01, 1991

After six hours of competition at last weekend’s Cherry Bowl swimming championships came the awarding of the coveted silver bowl. Old Orchard lost the cup for the first time in 13 years last year and wanted it back. Barclay Farm won it last year.

The announcer listed the results: In third place, Barclay Farm. In second place, Downs Farm. And in first place, Old Orchard.

Old Orchard team members hoisted the bowl, ate the cherries in it and dumped their coaches into the pool.

For about 500 young swimmers from Cherry Hill and about 1,000 family members, friends and supporters, Saturday’s Cherry Bowl at the Cherry Valley Swim Club was the culmination of a season of community competition.

This was the 31st year that swimmers from Cherry Hill’s swim clubs met for the chance to be called the best swimmers among the clubs and for the chance to help their club be named the best in Cherry Hill for the year.

Saturday’s competition brought together swimmers ages 6 to 18 from 13 swim

clubs in Cherry Hill. The prize for the winning club was the coveted Cherry Bowl. The prizes for winning swimmers in each of the 65 races were ribbons proclaiming their victories.

In the temporary bleachers set up around the pool, some parents, friends and club members timed swimmers on their stopwatches and discussed their favorite swimmers’ times or their club’s chances of taking the bowl. Many wore T-shirts and hats bearing their club’s name.

Old Orchard Swim Club member Tom Cona, whose daughters Jamie and Jackie each won events on Saturday, said the Cherry Bowl was an important part of the swimming season.

“It’s an intratown rivalry,” he said. “There’s a lot of spirit for the rivalry.”

He said the meet was part of a busy schedule for many of the swimmers.

“This is a 12-month sport,” he said. “It’s incredible that any kid would swim 12 months a year. They do it – five nights a week.”

Jamie Cona, 14, won the 50-meter butterfly and, with her Old Orchard teammates, the 200-meter medley relay for her age group.

“I know everybody here. The competition is fun, and it’s fun to win,” she said.

She said she had competed in the Cherry Bowl since age 7 and placed first or second in her events each year.

Jackie Cona, 8, won the 25-meter freestyle for her age group. She said she had competed in the Cherry Bowl since she was 5, but this year was the first time she won.

“I feel really enthused because we just got better during the year,” she said. “That means we’re working hard in practice.”

Wexford Leas Swim Club member Pat Snyder strained to see past the crowd as her son Matt, 12, placed sixth in the 50-meter backstroke for his age group. Over the cheers of fellow club members, Snyder said she was proud of her son’s performance.

“It’s really good to foster their competitive feelings,” she said.

Matt Snyder said he was happy with his performance.

“I just started last year and I just did better,” he said. “I like swimming. I like the competition.”

“It means a lot for us to win the bowl back. It’s what our whole season is aimed at,” Old Orchard Coach Brad Clemens said.

Winning back the cup would enhance the celebration of the club’s 25th anniversary the next day, Coach Sue Rueppel said.

“This is a great present,” she said.



8 and younger: 25-meter freestyle – J.D. Afford, Cherry Valley, 18.44; 25- meter backstroke – Kyle Erdner, Haddontowne, 24.42; 25-meter breaststroke – Josh Crick, Barclay Farm, 23.27; 25-meter butterfly – Jeremy Pick, Woodcrest, 20.20; free relay – Barclay Farm, 1:21.21.

9 and 10: Medley relay – Old Orchard, 1:16.63; 50-meter freestyle – Jeff Miksis, Old Orchard, 32.48; 25-meter backstroke – Eric Miller, Barclay Farm, 18.57; 25-meter breaststroke – Greg Barrone, Barclay Farm, 18.70 (meet record); 25-meter butterfly – Chris Flowers, Haddontowne, 18.11; free relay – Old Orchard, 2:22.91.

11 and 12: Medley relay – Barclay Farm, 2:22.88; 50-meter freestyle – Tim Bieg, Willowdale, 27.81 (meet record); 50-meter backstroke – Jon Maslow, Barclay Farm, 31.05 (meet record); 50-meter breaststroke – Eric Slotkin, Old Orchard, 37.18; 50-meter butterfly – Colin Morgan, Erlton, 33.89; free relay – Barclay Farm, 2:05.26.

12 and younger: 100-meter individual medley – Bobby Moeller, Wexford Leas, 1:23.28.

13 and 14: 100-meter individual medley – Tim Tallman, Haddontowne, 1:06.43; medley relay – Downs Farm, 2:05.77 (meet record); 100-meter freestyle – Kristian Demonsi, Erlton, 56.66; 50-meter backstroke – Cliff Bircks, Haddontowne, 30.46; 50-meter breaststroke – Erik Barniskis, Downs Farm, 37.61; 50-meter butterfly – Chris Otmani, Downs Farm, 29.21; free relay – Downs Farm, 1:51.40 (meet record).

15 to 18: 200-meter individual medley – Andrew Grossman, Woodcrest, 2:21.10; medley relay – Willowdale, 2:03.26; 100-meter freestyle – Mike Lymper, Cherry Valley, 1:01.48; 100-meter backstroke – Dave Back, Kingston Estates, 1:06.38; 100-meter breaststroke – Eric Holmes, Barclay Farm, 1:13.92; 50-meter butterfly – Joe Ciprietti, Haddontowne, 29.37; free relay – Woodcrest, 1:47.97.


8 and younger mixed medley relay – Cherry Valley, 1:25.33 (meet record).


8 and younger: 25-meter freestyle – Jackie Cona, Old Orchard, 16.91; 25- meter backstroke – Katie Herrero, Cherry Valley, 21.24 (meet record); 25- meter breaststroke – Laura Barone, Barclay Farm, 23.13; 25-meter butterfly – Katie Kopil, Cherry Valley, 17.25 (meet record); free relay – Cherry Valley, 1:16.39 (meet record).

9 and 10: Medley relay – Old Orchard, 1:15.96 (meet record); 50-meter freestyle – Meredith Brookes, Erlton, 36.37; 25-meter backstroke – Julia Girman, Old Orchard, 18.16 (meet record); 25-meter breaststroke – Kristel Haesler, Haddontowne, 18.74; 25-meter butterfly – Abby Harvey, Downs Farm, 16.31; free relay – Old Orchard, 2:25.54.

11 and 12: Medley relay – Downs Farm, 2:27.11; 50-meter freestyle – Bonnie Levitt, Old Orchard, 30.89; 50-meter backstroke – Rachel Garrett, Downs Farm, 37.11; 50-meter breaststroke – Renne Smith, Old Orchard, 40.58; 50-meter butterfly – Jen Jennings, Barclay Farm, 33.42; free relay – Downs Farm, 2:14.15.

12 and younger: 100-meter individual medley – Becky Behen, Erlton, 1:17.66.

13 and 14: 100-meter individual medley – Robin Weitz, Cherry Valley, 1:17.74; medley relay – Old Orchard, 2:18.95; 100-meter freestyle – Lisa Miksis, Old Orchard, 1:06.29; 50-meter backstroke – Robyn Haesler, Haddontowne, 34.36; 50-meter breaststroke – Mandy Burke, Covered Bridge, 36.82; 50-meter butterfly – Jamie Cona, Old Orchard, 32.10; free relay – Downs Farm, 2:04.31.

15 to 18: 100-meter individual medley – Anita Ricci, Old Orchard, 1:13.77; medley relay – Old Orchard, 2:14.49; 100-meter freestyle – Sarah Perloff, Woodcrest, 1:02.66; 50-meter backstroke – Jen Miksis, Old Orchard, 33.33; 50- meter breaststroke – Jody Sanders, Cherry Valley, 37.72; 50-meter butterfly – Andrea Giorgione, Downs Farm, 33.42.

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