Adopt A Pot – Help beautify the club on May 16th


Hi Everyone!

It’s that time of year again! We need help to make our club look as beautiful as possible. This year we want to show our support for our Otters, therefore our theme this year is Red & White! This does not only pertain to flowers, any plant that shows our colors are welcomed! We also are trying to add a few perennials too. Hostas make a great addition to the pots or landscape.

We aim to make this as easy as possible! We can always use $ donations as I will be traveling to a whole-sale florist on Friday, May 16th. Feel free to drop off any plant donations at anytime from now until May 18th. I will begin planting on Friday, May 16th.

We have 6 barrels total. Usually a family or two choose to provide for these specifically. The barrels are a great way to have fun with your plant choices. If you would like a barrel, please let me know and I will reserve it.

We also need hanging baskets, 8 total. Please try to keep these in our theme of Red & White as well.

If you are a novice gardener, don’t worry. Produce Junction is a great inexpensive place to get colorful plants/flowers. Just remember they only accept CASH. Also ask for plants that do well in FULL SUN.

Any questions??  Call Liz Brofft * (856) 630-6860 *

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