3 meter diving results are here!

On Sunday, July 6th, the 3 meter (aka high dive) exhibition was held.  

We had two divers compete in this event.  As it is an exhibition, it is treated as a warm up to championships, but is not a qualifying event.


 And now, the results:

Garrett Kerr came in second place in the 12-13 boys age range!


JT Hinds came in FIRST PLACE in the 10-11 age group!

 Both of these accomplishments are amazing, especially considering the small amount of practice that they have had so far off the 3 meter board.  And, this was a tri-county exhibition; so they were competing against kids from throughout the region, not just other Central Division divers.

 Our team of ten divers is small compared to some of the other teams with more than 30 divers, yet they continue to represent Old Orchard Swim Club extremely well!  With two more qualifying meets until championships, they will only continue to grow and improve!

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