3 meter dive results!

Great news from the Otter Water!

Our Dive Team had a tremendous showing in the 3 meter competition!  The team scored a total of 14 points, and placed 6th out of 11 teams who competed.  That is an improvement of 10 points over last year, and we moved up from 10th place from one year ago!!!   This is amazing, considering that our divers don’t get to practice regularly on a 3 meter board, and our dive team has fewer divers than most other teams.

In the 14-15 girls age group, Emily Nilsen placed 7th!

In the 12-13 girls age group, Madison Nilsen placed 6th!

In the 12-13 boys age group, Garrett Kerr placed 3rd!

In the 10-11 girls age group, Danielle Kerr placed 6th!

In the 10-11 boys age group, JT Hinds placed 1st, making him the tri-county 3 Meter Diving Champion!

Congratulations to all of our divers!  You do Old Orchard Swim Club proud!  Next stop, 1 Meter Championships tomorrow!

Good luck to all!

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